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Sept. 24, 2010 -

posted Sep 25, 2010, 3:24 PM by Andy Jackson   [ updated Sep 26, 2010, 5:53 AM by Our Webmaster ]
Friday evening, cars and trucks traveled down the country lane that was lined with small American flags and were parked on the sod parking lot.  People gathered near the Red Shed and visited and awaited the arrival of 18th Senatorial District Candidate Brian Munzlinger, farmer/business man from Williamstown.   After his arrival, he talked with the crowd regarding his concerns wirh various issues and asked for support from the group to help him become elected in November.  A wonderful meal from Westerns Smokehouse was enjoyed by guests, and on the western horizon, just beyond the edge of the con maze field, the sun was beginning to set.  John & Robert Behnen, racing ahead of their parents made their way into the maze, followed by Nathan Chrisman and his parents.  Ron Pulliam and his granddaughters were seen disappearing over the bridge down the path into the cornfield.  We hear shots from the corn cannon, as Charles Morse is target practicing and the cattle come running to the fence to feast on the corn ammo.  We hear the gleeful voices coming from the maze, and soon the sound of the train whistle floats from the far side of the field.  Several guests linger and chat over after-dinner coffee at patio tables in the playground field.   Simple, unhurried, enjoyment of friends gathering.  The huge yellow harvest moon is rising in the East and dusk arrives at Country Connection.  We revere and respect the freedoms we share--we rejoice in the sound of kids shouts as they emerge from the maze--we embrace the simplicity of life in the country.